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Managed Sales Tax Audit Defense

Expert sales tax audit help and representation from beginning to end, designed to protect your rights, secure success in your audit, and allow you to run your day-to-day operations.

Completed Sales Tax Audit Defense

Experienced sales tax audit help beginning after the conclusion of your audit, designed to protect your legal rights and interests by effectively navigating the protest of your sales tax audit.

Sales Tax Audit Review & Analysis

A review of your completed sales tax audit or in-process audit, designed to provide an analysis of the audit procedures & results along with a strategy for an effective defense.

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Other Key Sales & Use Tax Services

Sales Tax Audit Defense Specialists Fighting for You

What We Bring to the Table!

  • 30+ years of specialized experience
  • Knowledge of the state states’ operations and procedures
  • Expertise in nearly all industries
  • Experience dealing with most audit issues
  • A proven history of success
  • A long track record of protecting the rights of our clients
  • No upfront fees (in most cases)

Samples of Success Stories of Tax Savings 

What’s Being Said About Us


What’s Being Said About Us

STS provided excellent guidance for Those Guys, Inc. (“TGI”) throughout the appeals process with the CA Board of Equalization. STS diligently worked on behalf of TGI to obtain a successful and satisfactory outcome.

Most importantly, Kai Mickey is the consummate professional with an incredible skill set to navigate, work with and understand the BOE and their processes. Thank you!

Derek Harding, Those Guys, Inc.

In 40+ years and multiple business dealings with the BOE finding Kai was a blessing. He took a bad looking situation and through sheer determination got us to where we could handle the outcome of the last audit we went through.

In any future BOE audits Kai will be in our corner for sure. Thank you!!!

Ben Luchesse, Owner

As clients of Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. for over a decade, we highly recommend their services. Professional, highly skilled, and extremely knowledgeable, Kai Mickey and his team worked tirelessly on our behalf going above and beyond what was expected. We hold them in the highest esteem and are deeply grateful for their professional services.

Patricia and Andrew Laspino, Sea Elm, Inc.

I have a client that seems to be a favorite target of the SBOE. After the first disaster of an audit, when the next time hit us, we hired Kai Mickey to help us get the resolution that the client wanted and deserved. We worked directly with Kai to prepare the work papers for Kai to review and adjust to get a great and deserved result. I am thrilled as is my client. He is so knowledgeable in this arena it makes my job easier. We will continue to use Kai Mickey and STS in the future.

Mary Phillippsen, Enrolled Agent

When tax attorneys had all but given up on our case, we were very fortunate to meet Kai at Sales Tax Specialists, via the internet. He took on our case and treated as if it was his own financial future on the line. With his professional knowledge and experience with dealing directly with the State Board, he was able to reduce our liability to zero! Thank you for giving us our life back!

Fred Van Rooyen, Individual

Our Clients

Our clients come from all over, and range from small to large businesses, all the way to national and international companies.

Our clients have operated in almost all industries that involve sales and use tax.

Representing and Defending the Rights and Interests of Anyone Dealing With Any Sales or Use Tax Issue.

Proven Results

Sales Tax Specialists

30+ Years


The staff at Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. brings 30+ years of Sales and Use Tax experience, including experience from within the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, to the table for our clients.

With involvement at some level in several thousand sales and use tax cases spanning most industries, our experience will cover nearly any issue that may come up in the area of sales and use tax.

No Retainers

In Most Audit Cases

We make it as easy as possible for our clients to secure our qualified help to defend against the often aggressive efforts of state auditors and secure exceptional results.

Because of our commitment to exceptional service, we do not require retainers or upfront fees in most of our audit-based cases.


Serving Taxpayers Everywhere

Based on the use of modern and constantly updated technology, coupled with understanding the procedures of state agencies, we effectively and efficiently handle cases for clients nationwide and even worldwide.  We have a proven 30+ year track record of handling cases from all over the world.

Sales Tax Audit Specialists

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