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Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. has been serving and protecting taxpayers since 2000 and brings 30+ years of specialized, in-depth experience to the table, including auditing from inside the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. We know what is required to effectively handle every aspect of a sales and use tax audit because this is what we have been doing daily for over thirty years.

We also have proven results handling the appeal of audits and getting the audit adjustments and end-result you deserve. With our firm in your corner, you can rest assured that you have leveled the playing field with the auditors and put yourself in the best position for a correct outcome to your audit.

Kai Mickey - Sales Tax Audit Specialist

Firm’s Leadership

Kai Mickey, President, CEO, and founder of Sales Tax Specialists, Inc., began his career in the sales tax field as an auditor for the State of California after graduating from California State University, Sacramento, with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting.

With 30+ years of experience dealing with California Sales and Use Tax, including experience from within the state agency itself, Kai continues to lead our firm in leveling the playing field for our clients and helping ensure they have the best defense against becoming victims of the aggressive actions of state auditors and tax collectors.

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We help clients located anywhere with their sales and use tax needs. Combining our knowledge of the states’ procedures, coupled with the the use of current technology, location is simply not an issue when considering our expert assistance. Call for more details and for a complete explanation of why location is a non-factor in getting us onboard.

Sales Tax Audit Specialists

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