Sales Tax Compliance Reviews

Our sales tax compliance reviews will involve our consultants reviewing your company records and business operations to help you ensure that you are neither underpaying nor overpaying your sales and use tax. Our program is also designed to identify major areas of potential problems in recordkeeping that can lead to unexpected and potentially devastating sales and use tax audit liabilities.

For example, did you know that a resale certificate that is missing a single piece of information can be deemed invalid by California Department of Tax and Fee Administration auditors, resulting in sales tax being assessed on all sales made to the respective customers? Our sales tax consultants will provide you with this type of valuable insight so that you can more effectively steer clear of these types of dilemmas.

As needed, our sales tax operations reviews include the following:

  • Travel to your place of business,
  • A thorough discussion of your operations,
  • Discussion of the application of sales tax in general to your operations,
  • Discussion of sales-tax-related accounting practices and internal controls,
  • Sampling of your accounting records designed to offer guidance in areas related to supporting your sales for sales tax purposes, and
  • Review of exemption documentation to identify areas of potential audit assessment, allowing you to address the problems prior to an audit.
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Eliminate Future Audit Problems

Although it is imperative for every taxpayer undergoing a sales tax audit to have knowledgeable and experienced representation, we also know that a preventative sales tax operational review could be one of the most important things a business can do to help prevent unexpected, potentially devastating, sales and use tax audit liabilities.

With California Sales and Use Tax rates exceeding 10% in some areas, minor errors can translate into huge sales and use tax liabilities.

Considering that a high percentage of audits result in substantial liabilities, the cost of one of our operational reviews is minimal in comparison to the out-of-pocket tax expense resulting from errors.

Eliminate future audit problems

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Don’t Wait For Bad News

Don’t wait to find out in an audit that your company has made mistakes and now owes tax, interest, and possibly penalties going back several years.

Call 877-777-5470 today to speak with a sales tax specialist to schedule an operational review as soon as possible so that we can work together in helping to ensure that your business is doing its best to handle their sales and use tax obligations correctly.

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