Help for Non-California Companies

If your company is currently dealing with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration and you are working to meet the demands of this agency we are here to provide the sales tax help you need.

We have been providing sales tax help for non-California companies for 30+ years and we are confident you have not received all the information you need to make the best decisions. We can provide the experienced representation that will help ensure that any taxes you may owe are reduced as much as legally possible.

We have helped many companies facing this dilemma and continue to utilize our experience helping companies outside California get through this process effectively and efficiently.

sales tax help for non-california companies
sales tax help for non-California companies

Here’s a Quick List of a Few Ways Our Experience and Proven Results Will Help:

  • We can secure the necessary time to allow for the best possible outcome in spite of pressure from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.
  • Our staff will diligently work to help ensure that no sales deductions are overlooked and that you fully understand the application of California Sales and Use Tax to your operations.
  • Our consulting services utilize an efficient, affordable, proven, and highly effective streamlined approach to minimizing or eliminating your liability.
  • We will provide you with timely and easily understood current updates on the status of our efforts in order to keep you fully informed throughout the entire process.
  • We can assist in the recovery of taxes paid or taxes that you may have to pay in the future.
  • We will assist you with the required filings in order to request, and typically secure, the relief from any penalties associated with the delinquent filing periods.
  • You will gain a great understanding of how to properly report your tax obligations in the future and how to help minimize the potential for future problems in this area with our help.
  • Bringing us on board will allow you to continue to handle your normal day-to-day functions while we take care of the work necessary to minimize your overall liability.

Call (877) 777-5470 today to speak with a sales tax specialist on how we can assist you with dealing with Sales and Use Tax Nexus.

You may also wish to check out our seminars and webinar that will help you understand the various issues surrounding sales and use tax and may help you get through this endeavor more effectively and efficiently. You can check out all our seminars and webinars by visiting our seminar and webinar page.

Your Options After Filing Returns?

If your company was forced to deal with the California Department of Tax & Fee Administration and you have already completed the process of meeting the demands of this agency, what are your options now?

Well, we can help you with some very important areas that will make your life much easier moving forward.

We are very confident that you likely did not receive complete information about your rights and options from the state agency at the time of your initial dealings. We can help ensure you fully understand all your options.

Let’s make sure you are on the right foot moving forward.

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As a Business Outside California Your Business May Be At Risk

If you are located outside California and are conducting business with California businesses or residents, you are at risk for a potential sales and use tax liability. In addition to using various other sources of information, California Department of Tax & Fee Administration auditors routinely obtain information on companies outside California while conducting audits of California businesses.

If you have made sales to California individuals or companies, auditors may already have information on your operations. Since your company is not immune from detection, you should be equipped with the knowledge and tools to protect your company. Putting our experience, knowledge, and dedication to work for you would help ensure you are protecting your company from this serious risk. We have 30+ years of experience providing sales tax help for out of state companies dealing with California sales tax.

What Is Nexus?

Nexus is a generalized term frequently used to describe the situation in which a business located outside a state has sufficient presence inside the state to allow the state to hold the business responsible for the collection of that state’s taxes.

The criteria used to determine if an out-of-state business has Nexus can be very complicated, and if a business has Nexus and is selling or delivering products into a state, they may be liable for paying that state’s sales or use tax. This legal obligation may exist even if the business has not collected any taxes from their customers.

All businesses should be fully aware of the rules, regulations, and interpretations surrounding this complex, far-reaching, and potentially very damaging area of multi-state taxation.

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