Sales Tax Seminars

Our sales tax seminars are designed as traditional, in person, seminars allowing maximum participant interaction and the best possible learning experience.

All of our sales tax seminars deal strictly with California Sales & Use Tax providing attendees with California targeted information and helpful tools.

Our sales tax seminars are taught by our President and Founder, Kai Mickey, bringing 30+ years of experience, knowledge, and timely insight to our attendees.

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Secrets of California Sales & Use Tax

sales tax audit training

A course running approximately six hours and covering the basics of California Sales and Use Tax, as well as many advanced topics related to sales and use tax.

Laws, regulations, annotations, interpretations, policies, and procedures surrounding California Sales and Use tax will be discussed.

The California Audit & Appeals Process

sales tax audit help

A course running approximately four hours and covering many essential points regarding the California Sales and Use Tax audit process and the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration’s formal administrative appeals process. Participants will receive valuable insight into the legal and practical application of various statutory requirements, as well as many of the audit and appeals policies and procedures related to California Sales and Use Tax.

Participants will learn:

  • how audits are selected
  • how audits are completed
  • how to protect their rights during the course of the audit
  • how to ensure their rights to protest the audit findings are fully protected
  • how to manage the administrative appeals process with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration and California Office of Tax Appeals.

Sales Tax Audit Specialists

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