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Before Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. Got Involved

This client came to us after a lengthy battle fighting a bill issued directly against him by the Board of Equalization holding him personally responsible for over $450,000 in tax, interest, and penalties originally owed by the corporation he worked for as the chief financial officer, treasurer, and controller.

After working with attorneys in the first steps of his appeal, and losing at the appeals conference level, his attorneys gave up on him and told him he had no chance at overcoming the Board of Equalizaton’s position. He then began a new search for help and reached out and found us on the internet.

After Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. Got Involved

Although upon first glance it appeared the Board of Equalization’s position might have been solid based on their reports, we soon felt strongly that the Board of Equalization had overextended the application of the relevant statutes that provide the basis for holding individuals responsible for corporate debt and felt that our client should not be legally responsible.

After evaluating the file material in depth, analyzing the facts of the case, and researching the relevant statutes and case history, we were able to present our case at the Board of Equalization Oral Hearing and establish the innocence of our client and secure a 100% elimination of over $450,000 in tax, interest, and penalty.

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