Sales Tax Audit Defense

Securing qualified completed sales tax audit defense is a crucial step in ensuring you do not overpay your taxes as a result of a sales tax audit.  Suppose you have recently undergone sales tax audit, and the auditor has come up with additional sales and use tax liability. You should ensure you fully understand your rights and options for protesting the audit. You also need to know that a very high percentage of these audits include liability that may not be accurate.  This is the time when you should really consider seeking qualified completed sales tax audit defense.

Don’t let yourself pay more tax than you legally owe. Let us review your case to help ensure that the audit is representative and accurate. Based on our proven history, we can tell you that the vast majority of audits that we come into contact with are later found, with our help, to be subject to a significant reduction. In many cases, we have even eliminated the audit liability in full, even after others had given up on the case.

Putting our 30+ years of experience in this arena to work for you, we will be able to:

  • Isolate problem areas in your audit.
  • Identify areas where the auditor may not have correctly applied sales and use tax laws, regulations, interpretations, and procedures.
  • Identify areas where the auditor has not used generally accepted auditing practices.
  • Evaluate the actions and steps necessary to support our anticipated reductions.
  • Develop an overall strategic game plan to maximize the reductions to the sales tax audit.
  • Handle all necessary and warranted interaction with the state audit agency.
  • Fully protect your legal rights and interest throughout the process.
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