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Our sales tax audit review analysis allows our clients to have their completed, or nearly completed, sales tax audit reviewed by our professionals for potential errors in the audit, and potential refunds.

This service is generally done on a flat fee basis and provides our clients with a strategic game plan for attacking their audit on their own should they choose to do so.

This service involves having one of our professionals review the audit and outline key areas that may prove helpful in overcoming the audit. We will lay out the steps we would consider in verifying the various areas of the audit.

The review also involves analyzing whether the auditor has applied generally accepted auditing practices and whether they have applied the various sales and use tax laws, regulations, interpretations, and procedures correctly.

We will also provide some essential details on how our clients can best protect their rights and interests as they continue to defend against the audit results. We tailor this service towards clients that prefer to consider handling the appeal of their audit on their own but would like to have some helpful guidance based on our 30+ years of experience.

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Keeping in mind that sales tax audits are one of the most significant contributors to the State’s financial revenue, it is crucial that our clients not leave anything to chance in their audits.

In most of the sales and use tax audits we encounter, we find areas that lead to significant reductions in the audit.

This means that many taxpayers are overpaying their sales and use tax due to incorrect sales and use tax audits. Don’t be one of these taxpayers!

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